Bradley Woolridge

By Bradley Woolridge, Director at Burns Acutt 

I compiled this Financial Health Report based on what I understand about the financial knowledge limitations of the average medical professional. In this vein, our dissimilar areas of skill specialisation can be regarded as complementary.

However, when considering a partnership or working relationship with a new service provider, there needs to be similarities too. Incidentally, medicine and accounting operate under very much the same fundamental principles, the accounting profession is governed by the code of professional conduct and Burns Acutt is even more specifically aligned to it’s own internal culture which you may find are associated with the medical profession.

We look to align ourselves in business and in life, with contemporaries who complement these values, giving us the opportunity to evolve them, improve them and share them. In short, we are an ethical firm who looks to live the right way and we define what that means, train it, talk it, and live it.

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Let me briefly explain what Burns Acutt stands for and believes in – if you see that our guiding principles and goals are similar to yours, then we do hope you will get in touch.

Ethics forms the foundation of the chartered accountancy profession, and it is what holds us accountable for our actions and behaviour at all times. Burns Acutt understands the importance of treating all people with the utmost respect, be they potential, existing, or even former clients.

Word of mouth, reputation and perspective are built on what people think and say. We try and have these natural concomitants as positive reflections of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Client information is always handled with the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism. Burns Acutt prides itself in consistently producing work that is both accurate and innovative. We are dedicated to keeping up-to-date with current industry developments, legislation and technology to maximise the benefit of our clients.

Burns Acutt embodies uncompromising integrity and continued excellence. We focus on maintaining meaningful professional and business relationships, and believe discussions should be straightforward and honest. We have the courage to tell you the things you need to know, to protect you from the outcomes you wish to avoid.

The corporate culture at Burns Acutt is one of knowledge-sharing, mentoring, nurturing and positivity among employees. Burns Acutt employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy work/life balance so as not to compromise their level of service.

As you can see, the parallels between medical professionals and accountants are quite significant. Wouldn’t it be reassuring, don’t you think, to know your tax is being handled by someone who has the same sense of responsibility and accountability as you do, as well having your best interests in mind?


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